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Elara Luxury Postpartum Belly Wrap Core Compression Recovery Support

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Color: Coco

The Elara Luxury Postpartum Belly wrap is made from premium power net material that naturally molds to your postpartum body shape and size. Thoughtfully designed to give you the perfect balance of compression and support during your c-section or natural birth recovery. The inside of the belly wrap is lined with a luxuriously silky fabric that remains cool to the touch, promoting breathability and proper ventilation for your skin.  Features three adjustable compression straps that allow you to comfortably adjust the level of compression and size while you heal. The interior of the belly wrap has two pockets (one pocket in the belly area and second pocket in the lower back) providing convenient placement for heat and cold gel packs to help sooth pain, reduce swelling and alleviate postpartum discomfort.

  • Belly binding support to help stabilize core muscles and tissue  
  • C Section scar support from the inside out
  • Interior pockets in abdominal and lower back for heat and cold therapy
  • Helps with diastasis recti by aiding closure of the abdominal gap after pregnancy
  • Uniquely designed to provide you with lumbar and abdominal support during your recovery period
  • Lined with cool-to-the-touch fabric that allows your skin to breath
  • Made with high-quality power mesh compression material will mold to your body
  • Three adjustable straps allowing you to comfortably size up or size down. Also, has an option to add on extension to increase size (increase by 6 inches) of postpartum belly wrap.

Please note reusable heat + cold gel packs, are not included. You may purchase separately. Reusable gel packs can be purchased here Hot/Cold Gel Packs (

When to start

For best results we suggest wearing your belly wrap for no less than 3 months postpartum. A belly wrap can be worn at any point of your postpartum phase and is effective with constant usage. 

Belly wraps can be worn immediately after delivery. We always suggest that you please obtain clearance from your physician or your birthing specialist. 

Sizing Tips

Made true to size. For a comfortable relaxed fit, with light compression, we suggest ordering one size up from your current size. For maximum compression, and tighter fit order your current size. 

If you are ordering while you are pregnant please order the extension which will give you 6 additional inches of length. 

Belly wrap extension 

To obtain the best fit please refer to our sizing chart. 

Care Instructions

Preferably hand wash & air dry.  

Postpartum healing starts with our Phase 1 Belly Wrap.

Quality recovery shapewear makes big difference in your postpartum journey. Prioritize yourself & your heatlh with Misty Phases.

Ancient techniques rediscovered

Our Phase 1 Belly Wrap was designed on 3 pricinples: regenerative, comfortable, & stylish. Our team of mothers researched ancient methods of postpartum healing and implemented our findings in our wrap.

  • Healing.

    Postpartum healing, both physical and emotional, is why we exist. We seek to make whatever phase you're in easier & more comfortable.

  • Form.

    Designed in our Los Angeles studio by mothers.

  • Function.

    Engineered to conform to your body with the highest standards possible.

  • Misty.

    If you ever feel like you don't know where to start, we'd love to help.

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