Am I Carrying Twins?

Am I Carrying Twins?

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The only real way to know whether you are pregnant with twins is to schedule an ultrasound. Some pregnancy symptoms might suggest that there might be something extra happening inside. 

As a pregnant momma you’ll begin to experience pregnancy symptoms. If the symptoms seem stronger, it’s normal to consider if you might have two babies in your belly. Questions like, is it normal to be this nauseous and exhausted? Can pop up, leaving you to wonder if there is something more going on inside.

Are There Signs You’re Carrying Twins?

Once a pregnancy begins, your body will start producing hormones and undergoing physical changes. These small and subtle changes might be the first signs of pregnancy. However, some of these signs might be a bit different when you’re expecting more than one baby.

Many women who experience twin pregnancy report having a sense or feeling that they were possibly expecting multiple little ones before they had their ultrasound. However, the news comes as a total surprise for many ladies.

Below, you’ll find symptoms that are commonly reported as being signs that you could be pregnant with twins. Sometimes you’ll notice the signs and symptoms within the earliest weeks of your pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be experienced whether you’re expecting one or multiples. Honestly, some women have terrible morning sickness while others are barely phased. 

Morning sickness can begin as early as 4 weeks into the pregnancy. That’s around the same time women miss their period. Some women that are pregnant with multiple babies experience elevated or heightened levels of morning sickness or their morning sickness lasts longer into their pregnancy. 

Since morning sickness varies so greatly from one woman to another, it can be difficult to establish a baseline. However, experiencing nausea and vomiting past the 14 week mark, is an indication that you could be having twins.


Feeling fatigued is another early pregnancy sign. During the first weeks of pregnancy you might start to feel exhausted for no apparent reason. Experiencing elevated hormone levels, as well as issues like sleep interruptions and increased trips to the bathroom can disrupt your ability to get a decent night’s rest.

However, it’s impossible to tell for sure whether the fatigue you’re feeling is because you’re pregnant with twins. The best way to find out is by having an ultrasound to see what’s going on in that belly.

High hCG Levels

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hGC) is a hormone our body produces during pregnancy. This hormone is what gets detected in the home pregnancy tests which provides a positive result. However, a pregnancy test can’t tell you the level of hCG in your body, but blood tests can. Once a blood test is done, you can learn the levels of hCG and whether you might be expecting more than one new baby.

A Second Heartbeat

Some women get to hear their baby’s heartbeat as early as 8 to 10 weeks. If your OB-GYN thinks they've heard a second heartbeat, an ultrasound will likely be scheduled to get a better view of what’s going on. Chances are, two heartbeats means two little ones.

Early Movement

Most women don’t typically report any movement until around the 18 week mark. Your baby moves around in the womb from the very beginning; however, it’s unlikely that you’ll actually feel anything until the second trimester.

Having more than one baby in the womb can result in you feeling movement slightly earlier than if you were only pregnant with one. However, this is unlikely to happen before the second trimester, but you’ll feel movement earlier in the second trimester with twins.

There may or may not be signs present that you’re carrying multiple little ones. However, since the symptoms are similar with one or multiples, the only true way to know is to get an ultrasound done. Once the OB-GYN can see the sonogram, you will have clear results.

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