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Balancing Exercise With A New Baby

Balancing Exercise With A New Baby

Babies can be real game-changers! Whether you’ve been planning on having a baby or it’s come as a surprise, things get all mixed up when a little one comes into the picture. That’s not 100 percent bad; there’s so much good it’s overwhelming (until their toddlers, then it’s tough, LoL).

Any who, you might not feel like getting back into the full swing of that fitness life right after your baby is born. However, we must slip a little movement into our regular routine. No worries, we’ll help you out with ways to balance exercising with a new baby in your life.

Prioritizing Our Health And Fitness

Being a parent makes it really easy to put ourselves last. However, as parents, we must make health and fitness a priority. Our kids depend on us!

Start each week by sitting down and making a weekly fitness schedule. You can be flexible, so long as the work gets put in. Scheduling time can motivate us and keep us focused on moving forward.

Wear The Right Clothes

On the days you’re going to work out, dress up for the gym when you get out of bed. Dressing for the occasion is a small way to set ourselves up for success. Putting on the clothes you exercise in triggers your mind to get your butt in gear. It’s the first step to the right mindset.

Even if you’re working out at home, maybe even especially if you’re working out from home. It can be easy to lay back in bed when we’re still in our p.j.’s.

Work Out With Your Little One

Jogging strollers are an excellent way to get in a good cardio exercise. You don’t have to jog, but a brisk walk works just as well. It gets you both out in the fresh air, seeing sights, hearing sounds, and exercising. It is crucial stimulation for both the mama and the baby.


High-intensity workouts are an effective and efficient way to get a good workout in with a baby. A majority of the HIIT workouts can be done in 20 minutes or less, which is perfect for nap time.

Just Move

Being physically active counts as exercise. You don’t have to stick to traditional sit-ups and push-ups. Turn on some quiet music and dance, take 15 to 20 minutes to lightly jump rope, or work in the garden. You can head to the park with your jogging stroller and use the equipment or any hiking trails to exercise; this is also an excellent opportunity to meet other parents.

Mommy & Me Fitness Classes

Check your area and see if any mommy and me fitness classes are offered. Good places to look are the gyms, YMCA, and local groups that get together privately. You and your little one can grow in various ways with these group exercises. The opportunity to meet other kids and parents is a healthy aspect too.

It is possible and crucial that we focus on our health and fitness as parents. Our children will need us for the rest of their lives, so we should be here and in good shape for as long as we can.


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