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Keepin’ It Real

Keepin’ It Real

We just want to take some time and keep it real with all of you incredible mothers out there and fathers if you’re reading. It’s always tempting to try and pretend we don’t have bits of cookie under the coffee table, and who knows where else. It’s tempting to pretend the little ones don’t rock their same “absolute favorite” costume for the last two, maybe three days in a row.

As much as we’d like to pretend or see things another way, the truth is, our lives don’t always look like an Instagram feed of perfect awesomeness. However, we all have to live our own realities and keep it real with ourselves. When we keep it 100% real, we find OUR people, the ones who keep it just as real as we do, and the rewards are worth it. 

So to the women, mama’s, and the people who are keepin’ it real… THANK YOU!

We want to take this time to thank you for everything because you deserve it.

Thanks for all of your bravery! There’s nothing more beautiful than a friend with a messy bun, a full kitchen sink, a screaming toddler who’s unhappy they’re not allowed to eat the crayon, and the struggles they’re in the middle of. We see you!

The truth and reality are that life is raw and full of unpredictability.

What’s more perfect than those of us who walk bravely in our own imperfections? Nothing, because others’ ideas of perfection aren’t something we have to live up to. We are perfect just as we are, flaw and all.

We would rather be in the homes where real people exist. Those that are messy, with dirty laundry waiting to be done. Places where we hear real true stories and experience laughter and tears. We’ll take our friends with everything real, and maybe a side of wine to go along with it.

Is there a greater reality than being invited into another’s truth? We say no!

Please don’t believe that when you don’t pretend that it doesn’t matter to others. It truly, 100% matters. It changes the status quo and reminds us that we’re alright and that messes can indeed be beautiful. 

One of the most important things that come out of us keepin’ it real is that our children will learn to do the same thing. They’ll learn not to pretend things aren’t what they are. Unless, of course, they’re playing with friends in the land of make-believe, that’s different. Maybe when we keep things on a real level, it will encourage our little ones to not lie or hide and instead share their struggles and tears with us, as we have shared with others. Why struggle alone?

All we have to offer our little ones, friends, partners, and the entire world is ourselves. Share the most real, rawest, most authentic, and most honest version of who you are because that, my friends, is the most powerful version of you that can ever be. When we stop pretending and keep it real, we become freer, and then clothes stop pretending and free themselves as well.

Our friends and family don’t need a suped-up social media-worthy house. They don’t need to have socks that match every day or any day for that matter. It’s ok to ugly cry; it shows that the emotions run deep and that you’re just as real as they are. Our people need us!

We’re ok with people seeing the hot mess we can sometimes be. It is a part of real-life and the real us! Keep it real, and keep it full of love!

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