Postpartum Survival Guide

Postpartum Survival Guide

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No amount of preparation and study truly prepares parents for the experience of becoming mom and dad! Many new parents describe the first few weeks after birth as the best of times and the worst of times all rolled into one bundle. 

It's exhilarating and exhausting, according to many mothers. Don't forget to add all the sleepless nights with the body morphing back to what it was pre-pregnancy into the equation. The postpartum period can be a bit of a rocky roller coaster of a ride, which is why we've created this guide! It can't be avoided, so why not prepare.

Enjoy A Baby moon

Having time alone as a family during the first few hours and days after the baby's born is an excellent idea. It gives you and your family a little while to adjust to the new addition of the family. Mom could use some essential recovery time as well. Taking the space and time to ease into the transition of a new life in the home can help lessen any postpartum effects.

Limit Visitors For The First Few Weeks

With your baby moon complete, you might want to start sharing your little bundle of joy. To avoid becoming overwhelmed or exhausted, limit how many guests stop by. It's ok to set safe boundaries to keep things healthy for the entire family.

Accept Any Help Offered

Having a baby, even if it's not your first, can be exhausting. A lot is going on, after all. If someone you know and trust offers a little help in one way or another, accept it! Every little thing that can be done to lighten your load so you can focus on mommy duties is exceptionally beneficial.

Support Systems

It's been said that "it takes a village to raise a child," and that can seem very accurate. Cooking, cleaning, eating, sleeping, bonding, functioning, and so many other things we do daily are impacted once a baby is born. Even if it's only one or two trustworthy people, having a secure support system can help smooth the transition. Vent, ask for advice, and share knowledge with others who've been there and done it. It can seem pretty lonely after childbirth! 

Take That Break

It might seem natural that every time your newborn has a nap, you run around trying to catch up on anything that may be close to falling behind. It is totally ok and even healthy to let yourself have a little nap too! Your body went through some enormous things for the last nine months, plus some! Slow and steady will surely accomplish something!

These feelings you're going to, or maybe you already are, experiencing are normal. You're tired on so many levels, and some of them you might not have been aware existed. It's going to be a lot of intensity and the opposite, and you may feel numb sometimes.

Expect it when you least expect it! At least 1 in every ten new moms experience various degrees of postpartum depression. The symptoms can start in a matter of days after delivery. For some women, they appear gradually, lasting up to a year.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

The symptoms vary from person to person.

  • Fatigue - Exhaustion - Sluggish
  • Sadness - Hopelessness - Depression
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Uncontrollable Crying
  • Irritability
  • Memory Loss
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Feelings of Guilt or Shame
  • Insomnia
  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Lack of Interest in the Baby
  • Overly Concerned For The Baby
  • Fear of Harming Yourself or the Baby
  • Fear of Going Crazy
  • Fear of Losing Control

Many women will experience a few different symptoms of postpartum depression. Try to remember it's normal, and you're not alone! 

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