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A brand made by mamas, for mamas.

From our unique experiences, we created an all-inclusive brand that is focused on raising the standards for maternal care. Misty Phases’ products are designed to make the phases of maternity and postpartum a little easier... but most importantly: to help mamas remember that we still deserve to take care of ourselves.

Ancient techniques to heal your body.

More than just products, we have taken years to develop a collection that will help mamas heal, feel comforted, and practice self-care through the different stages of maternity and postpartum.

Paying it forward.

Mamas First is how we pay it forward. We can’t say we care about making motherhood easier if we don’t pay attention to those mothers who are in vulnerable situations. Proceeds from every purchase made on the Misty Phases website will help fund Mamas First. This project was formed to bring vocational training to refugee mothers, as well as provide them with community and emotional support.

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It takes a village to raise not only a child but a mother, too!

Motherhood has been extremely romanticized… and that adds so much pressure. We want a more comprehensive world, a world in which we can keep motherhood real. That’s why we figured this can start with us mamas, creating a community in which we will feel safe, supported, and celebrated. I mean, motherhood is hard enough, right?

We need you...

You’re such an inspiring mama… and we want you to keep spreading your magic so we can touch as many mommas’ hearts as we can. With your voice, we can help other women remember to love themselves.

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