Elastic Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Supportive Belly Wrap designed for recovery of Natural and C-section delivery.  Made with an elastic material that gives you a comfortable compression to help reduce swelling and support your core abdominal muscles while you recover from childbirth. Features three adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the level of compression and size while you heal. The interior of the belly wrap has two pockets (one pocket in the belly area and second pocket in the lower back) providing convenient placement for heat and cold gel packs to help sooth pain, reduce swelling and alleviate postpartum discomfort.

Please note reusable heat + cold gel packs, are not included. You may purchase separately. Reusable gel packs can be purchased here Hot/Cold Gel Packs (mistyphases.com)

For best results we suggest wearing your belly wrap for no less than 3 months postpartum. A belly wrap can be worn at any point of your postpartum phase and is effective with constant usage. 

Belly wraps can be worn immediately after delivery. We always suggest that you please obtain clearance from your physician or your birthing specialist. 

Made true to size. For a comfortable relaxed fit, with light compression, we suggest ordering one size up from your current size. For maximum compression, and tighter fit order your current size. 

If you are ordering while you are pregnant please order the extension which will give you 6 additional inches of length. 

Belly wrap extension 

To obtain the best fit please refer to our sizing chart. 

Preferably hand wash & air dry.  



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