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Go Tell Everyone! (Or Don’t That’s Ok Too)

Go Tell Everyone! (Or Don’t That’s Ok Too)

Getting the first positive pregnancy test causes so much excitement along with an array of many other emotions. It’s pretty common to want to tell someone that you’re expecting, but some people prefer to wait! If you want to go tell everyone, go for it. Or don’t, that’s totally OK too!

When is the best time to let others in on your bit of exciting news? Maybe the news is good, or maybe you’re still unsure how to feel about things. Either way, let’s talk about it!

For starters, many parents-to-be prefer to await any announcement until the end of the first trimester, somewhere around the 13-week mark. While there are numerous factors influencing why people decide to wait to spill the beans, it’s important that your decision is something that makes you feel comfortable. It’s your choice, feel good about it!

Influencing Factors

There are always pros and cons to any choice. While some influencing factors stem from positive aspects, others might be ait more negative.

Risk of Miscarriage

The first trimester consists of a lot of time of development and change for your growing baby, and yourself. With this comes some risk that the pregnancy might not carry to full-term. Many miscarriages are caused by factors far beyond a mother’s control. So, most people want to wait until any potential risks have passed before they share the amazing news!

Waiting For The 1st Prenatal Visit

The first prenatal checkup is generally somewhere around the 8-week mark of the pregnancy or a little later. That first visit, you’ll get some tests done that will confirm whether you’re truly pregnant. You’ll get more details like your estimated due date, infection checks, and a determination of you and the baby’s general health. With any necessary information gathered, parents can now safely say that they’re 100% sure they’re having a baby!

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or Issues

For those of you out there that have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss or complications, it isn’t always extreme excitement that comes over you. Often it is anxiety, dread, and nervousness. This revolves right back around to wanting to know it’s safe to celebrate! It can be doubly painful to share news to feel like you have to share a devastating situation!

Pros of Waiting To Announce A Pregnancy

If you have experienced difficulty conceiving or have had a pregnancy loss or stillbirth, you might want to wait past the twelve-week mark to share your news. It’s your pregnancy, and you can share or not share the information whenever you feel like it!

You’ll have friends or family to share and celebrate something incredible with you. Yet on comfortable terms. Waiting to make an announcement can be like waiting to open gifts, but sometimes it’s best to hold off until the gift is ready and secure!

Waiting can limit any added or unnecessary discussion or questions. No explaining to do because nobody knew about anything.

Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Then there is an entire life to spend with your little one, and those will definitely be full of ups and downs. Our point is, you make the choices and call the shots. If you want to tell the world, so be it, and if you want to wait, so be that as well. Good luck on your pregnancy and parenting journey!

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