Girl Let’s Get Real!

Girl Let’s Get Real!

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One of the struggles we often hear from pregnant women is finding comfortable clothes without going broke and staying true to their fashionable style. Maternity clothes can generally be boring or wild, and some are expensive too! 

It’s not likely that you’ll be able to wear your favorite outfits throughout your entire pregnancy. Not to mention, sometimes clothing we loved prior to pregnancy doesn’t seem to hit the comfort level our body is looking for. Even if you’ve already carried children, there’s a chance your body will grow differently from one child to the next.

Spring, summer, and fall seem to be easier seasons to dress for. We believe this has to do with wearing dresses and loose, flowy pants. Winter can be a struggle if we’re trying to keep it real here. Girl, let’s get real about some comfortable maternity fashion at its finest.

Living In ‘Fat Day’ Clothes

Usually, between the first two and six months, you won’t look pregnant. However, you’ll likely look a bit bigger but in all the wrong places. If you’re like many other ladies, you’ll be trying to ride the first months out secretively, trying to hide the extra weight. This is the phase we call ‘fat day clothes.’ The baggy clothes you might already own, you know, the loose-fitting comfort wear? Yes, those. Rock those ‘fat day’ clothes when you’re feeling a little less-than-fabulous. At least you’ll be comfortable and cozy.

Goodbye Brazier

Some time, about halfway through a pregnancy, women are highly advised to stop wearing underwire bras because it can inhibit your milk glands, causing mastitis. If you usually wear an underwire bra, you might want to swing into a different style to keep your breasts and milk safe. You could always stay commando and go braless if it feels more comfortable.

Under-or-Over Bump

Maternity pants or trousers come in two varieties; the ‘over bumps’ and the ‘under bump.’ Under-bump trousers can potentially be more flattering until the day when the crotch of the pants ends up around your knees. The over-bump style is exceptionally comfortable. However, you’ll look a bit ridiculous. The choice is yours!

Clothing NOT To Wear

  • Crop tops
  • High-Waisted Trousers
  • Midi Skirts
  • Mini Skirts
  • Button-Down Shirts
  • Cropped Jackets

Maternity or Oversized Clothes

 If you’re looking for a failsafe solution to maternity fashion, consider classy comfort. Get some oversized men’s shirts, a size or two big cashmere sweaters, and some baggy pants! You can trade in baggy pants for stretchy leggings now and then. 

When you have events to attend like parties, weddings, or a date night, look for loose flowy dresses. Long flowy skirts with a nice top can look fashionable and keep you feeling comfortable. You know your body best, but try not to get frustrated as it goes through pregnancy changes. You’ll find what fits you best. Furthermore, you might have to try on different outfits to ensure they serve you the way you want them to. 

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