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How Many Kids Are Enough?

How Many Kids Are Enough?

There is no “correct” answer to how many kids are enough. It’s common to hear both large and small families feel sorry or compassion for one another. While there is truth in that statement, is it better to have only one child so we can focus all of our resources and attention on them? Or is it best to have two or several children so that they always have one another, as well as us?

While there is no correct answer, we have some points to make that might help one figure out what is best for you and your soon-to-be or existent family. Let’s talk about it.

Only Child

There is a huge difference between having one child and none at all. Our lives change dramatically, and our choices from the time we expect until forever involve another person. Having one little one is often said to be quite different from having more than one.

Many parents of ‘only’ children point to the many advantages like being able to focus all resources and time on one kid, rather than having to share things.

Another truth about having one child is that parents might adjust their lives less with only one kid. This is, in fact, a good thing if everyone is catered for; however, it can be a bad thing if the child always has to participate in activities with adults.

Many single children have mostly positive things to say about being the only child. They appreciate the undivided attention, there’s no sibling rivalry, and there’s generally a greater sense of independence. However, some only children want to have at least one sibling, and they often feel pressure to succeed as they’re the only ones with expectations to be met.

Some parents feel as though there’s an increased risk of spoiling an only child, causing concern that their little ones may turn out selfish.

Two Children

Much research suggests that having two kids is most people’s idea of ideal family size. That being said, the Office for National Statistics reports that one-child families have been increasing for the last couple of decades.

Many people believe that having two kids will reduce the chances of spoiling them, and it gives the children a companion. Having more than one child means that pregnancy is typically more straightforward after the first baby. There is also the opportunity to pass down clothes and toys that the first growing baby hardly used.

There is a sense of reassurance for parents that worry about what might happen to their kids if something happens to themselves. Having two kids means they will have one another during trying times and victorious celebrations.

Of course, some disadvantages should be considered. Raising more than one child is bound to be tiring, especially if they’re close in age. Affording bills and things, in general, will be more expensive, naturally. There is also the chance of sibling rivalry to consider.

We could continue the list, adding another child to each. However, we think you can see the point. It isn’t up to anyone other than you and your partner to say how many kids are enough for your family. The more little ones added to the family, the more ups and downs there will be. As long as we can provide a safe, secure, successful, and happy life for our little ones, that’s all that matters.


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