How To Reduce Your Baby Belly

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Growing a tiny person inside of your belly is no easy task! Your body is going to go through, maybe it already has gone through some major shifts and changes throughout the next couple of years.

 YES, that says years. That’s because each situation is different. Not to mention your body needs to heal, restore, revitalize, and relax. Babies keep us busy and on our toes which can be exhausting. Caffeine and natural energy boosters only go so far when the body is weak, and that happens after birth.

 Reducing that baby bump can be done using several different techniques or methods. If you’re pregnant you can use different preventative methods that can be adjusted to suit your need when it comes time for postpartum recovery.

                Prevent Through Preparation

If you’re reading this and you happen to be pregnant or plan to be soon then you’ve got time to get your body ready for these massive changes on several levels.


According to UT Southwestern Medical Center, there are 5 Exercises & Techniques To Train For Childbirth. These exercises help prepare you for the labour experience, as well as the birthing process. Here are the five best exercises according to UTS.

  1. Child’s Pose - A yoga pose that can help stretch and lengthen the pelvic floor muscle.
  2. Deep Squat - This squat stretches the perineum and can also help lengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscle.
  3. Quadruped Cat/Cow - This is another yoga pose that eases discomfort and decreases lower back aches and pains.
  4. Perineal Bulges - This can only be done during the last three weeks of pregnancy.
  5. Perineal Massage - Softens tissues of the perineum. It can also stretch and lengthen the perineal to help ease childbirth.

Belly Bands

A belly band, not to be confused with a postpartum belly binder, can be worn during the pregnancy. It helps balance the weight of the baby between the back and abdominal region. Your posture will be good and you won’t be so sore.

Eating Habits & Diet

Cravings can get insane during pregnancy and that is understood. However, try to maintain a healthy weight and eat rich nutritious foods. Try to keep a healthy eating schedule too, if you can. Breakfast is a big deal but so is morning sickness.

              Postpartum Baby Belly Shrinking

Postpartum Exercises

Postpartum exercises will be beneficial to the entire body but you might notice that there is a big focus on the abdominal region. Targeting all of your abdominal muscles during a workout will help tone you up and strengthen your core.

Diet & Eating Habits

If you are trying to shed excess weight then you’ll have to burn fat. Try to avoid consuming too many calories without enough physical activity. Avoid saturated fats, and as much junk food as possible.

Postpartum Belly Binders

Postpartum belly binders help your body heal after childbirth but they can also help speed up the healing process as well. These belts are designed to help your organs and muscles in place while they shrink and heal. The compression will help with the sore feeling and because it keeps your abs in place, it can help with diastasis recti.

Revitalize ~ Restore ~ Repair

Vitamins, minerals, and all of those other incredible nutrients that keep our body strong and healthy should be consumed regularly. It’s best to get these nutrients through the foods you eat but if you’re not into all that, there are some incredible, all-natural supplements that will do the same.

 Your body will be going through a healing process with various stages which consist of, healing, repairing, restoring, and revitalization. Give your body all of the good things it needs and incredible things can definitely happen.



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