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Mama! You NEED To Take A Break Here & There

Mama! You NEED To Take A Break Here & There

When we have children, ladies, something changes in us, especially when it’s our first or second. It’s as if we go into full-time mama mode, and breaks come few and far between. What mamas need to know is that we NEED to take a break once in a while.

Do you remember life before kids? Whether we were in school or at work, we had breaks. Lunch breaks, 15-minute breaks, and recess. Having kids is a 24/7 job, and breaks might be harder to come by, but we have to make and take that time. It’s genuinely best for the baby and ourselves.

Why Mom’s NEED Breaks

Taking breaks is essential and vital for our mental health mamas. We need that time to recharge. You need time away to reset your mind. Breaks are also crucial for our patients. Think about it, you carried a baby in your womb for nine months before going through delivery, and since their birth, it’s likely been a non-stop roller coaster.

Our minds can become cloudy, we feel tired, and our patience wears thin. Getting the break we need can be difficult sometimes. I know we sometimes think we’re getting a break while the baby takes a nap, but is that short amount of time truly enough? Not likely.

While grocery shopping or errands without our kids seems like a “break,” it’s not. Mama, those things are a regular part of life that needs to be done. Honestly, it’s still some form of work. Of course, it’s always a little easier when you can shop without the kids, but it’s not enough. Ladies, we need more.

What Is A True Break?

An actual break for mothers is time away doing something we enjoy. Each individual will have different ideas, and basic hygiene or running around paying bills isn't really going to do the trick. Well, for some, that might be what they enjoy.

If you enjoy reading, get a good book and a cup of your favorite coffee or beverage, and spend a couple of hours reading at a park or outside. If you’re into getting your hair or nails done, then take that break and get your fleek on.

Spending a little time enjoying interests and hobbies is more of the breaks we’re talking about. Showers and using the bathroom alone are a couple of things mamas become content with as a small break. Talk to any mother, and they’ll likely admit they’ve felt that way.

Go out for coffee with a friend, go see a new movie, take a nice bike ride, and, more importantly, enjoy yourselves. We understand that it isn’t always easy to get the time to do these things, but it’s essential that we make time. Our babies need it, and so do we.

Some moms feel as though they’re abandoning their duties as a parent. However, it’s quite the opposite; it’s allowing ourselves the time and space to recharge and reboot so we can be the best we can be for our little ones.

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