Mom FAQs

Mom FAQs

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There are always questions parents have about their kids. Whether it's why their baby does or doesn't do something or how to know they're progressing and developing as they should. Remember, the only useless question is the one that isn't asked. 

Mom FAQs ~ Newborns

How do I know my newborn is getting enough to eat?

You can follow a growth and development chart. They generally include the age, size, and weight that an average baby should be at during various milestones in their life. Typically, if your baby is growing and developing at an average weight, trust them when it comes to how much they eat. Some babies will drink down a full 8 ounces, while others only need 6 ounces.

How often should I bathe my baby?

Until the umbilical cord has fallen off and has healed, your baby should only be given a sponge bath. Once the belly button region is entirely healed, your infant will only need a bath a couple of times a week. When your little one is a couple of months old, daily baths are fine.

When will my baby sleep through the night?

This question gets asked a lot. Sleep is precious, but it will be some time before sleeping through the entire night is a thing in your life again. Newborns wake up frequently to eat, every two to three hours, to be exact. The older your baby gets, the longer stretches of sleep take place.

When can I start feeding my baby solid food?

A newborn baby should only be given breast milk or formula until they're about six months old. A baby's digestive tract needs time to strengthen and mature before introducing baby food or purees.

Is it ok to let my baby cry?

Crying is normal for babies because they have no words yet. It is ok to let your baby cry a little before rushing to pick them up. Crying too often for too long can become dangerous. It's essential to learn the different cries of your little one so you know when to be concerned. A little crying now and then is healthy.

Mom FAQs ~ Toddlers

Toddlers are very much like teenagers trapped in tiny bodies. They're sweet and lovable with a side of sass and backtalk.

How can I help my toddler NOT be a picky eater?

Variety is the key! As soon as your baby starts eating solid baby foods, be sure to introduce different foods regularly. As they get older, continue trying new foods, and don't shy away from retrying foods they may have turned down before. Monday might not have been a good day for them, resulting in the refusal to try blueberries, but if you try again next week, they may find them delightful.

Are tantrums normal?

Yes! Remember, toddlers are like teenagers with less of a vocabulary to express their emotions and feelings. You can try using distraction techniques to help redirect a tantrum from exploding. However, you can't and shouldn't always distract them from it. Let some meltdowns take place and when they end, move on.

How soon should my toddler start potty training?

Similar to many things, the answer varies from kid to kid. Your child will show signs of being ready to start training. They'll tell you when they pee or poop. If they understand simple and basic instructions, your toddler might be prepared. Don't push too hard, and don't allow yourself to become frustrated.

How should I handle my toddler's drive for independence?

You'll notice your toddler wanting to do more things on their own without any help. This is both good and bad at the same time. The good thing is that they're expressing they're ready for a level up. It can be a bad thing because it can become dangerous and sometimes downright annoying. To help your little one with independence, allow them to do little tasks or jobs. Encourage this desire for freedom by giving them some choice, but be sure not to allow them to get overloaded.

How much should my child be eating?

Some kids are little eating machines. Between the ages of 1 to 3, your toddler will need about 40 calories for every inch of their height. So, if your child is 24 inches tall, they need 960 calories. That's about a tablespoon of the main course and sides. If they're still hungry, give them a little extra.

There are so many questions to be asked, so we hit the most commonly asked.

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