Pregnancy after 35

Pregnancy after 35

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Having a baby when you’re 35 or older is considered a “geriatric pregnancy”. A lot of healthy women who have had a geriatric pregnancy have had successful births with healthy babies. Heck, healthy women in their 40s have success!

That’s great news, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep the risks in mind. It’s important that you do what’s necessary to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible. After all; throughout life, as we age our body constantly goes through shifts and transformations, you’ll have to keep up on that.

Risks 0f Getting Pregnant After 35

Regardless of age, complications during a pregnancy or delivery can arise. However, certain problems become more likely once you peak 35 and climbing.

  • High Blood Pressure (can lead to preeclampsia)
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Premature Birth
  • Stillbirth or Miscarriage
  • Labor Issues Leading To C-Section
  • Chromosome Disorders (downs syndrome)
  • Low Birth eights

Remember, these risks are possible regardless of your age; they simply increase the older you are. There are always precautionary steps you can take and preventative measures to increase a healthy experience. Did we mention that there are also some benefits to getting pregnant in your 30s?

Benefits of Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

Oftentimes, getting pregnant in your 30s seems scary, with signs of struggle along the way. There are a few benefits worth considering if you’ve been considering getting pregnant after 35 naturally. Various studies have shown that:

  • Older moms may have more resources than younger moms.
  • Older mothers tend to be better educated, experienced and have higher incomes.
  • Older moms potentially live longer.
  • Kids with older moms tend to be healthier, better educated, and more well-adjusted.

The older we are, the more we have done, learned, and experienced as human beings. Along the way, we experience growth and therefore offer different levels of knowledge because we’re older.

Increasing The Chance of A Healthy Baby

One main aspect is to be sure you go to your checkup appointments with your doctors. If you’re trying for pregnancy after 35 naturally, speak with your doctor first and set up a preconception checkup.

Prenatal care is crucial, so be sure to get early and regular prenatal care. The first two months are essential for the baby’s development and progress. Having regular checkups will help you know what’s going on inside and whether anything needs to change.

You may need to be taking vitamins and supplements aside the prenatal vitamins most pregnant women take. If you’re pregnant in your 30s with your first child, your body might react much different from a woman whose body has already had the experience and can recognize the situation.

If getting pregnant after 35 wasn’t intentional, then you should reach out to your doctor right away. There may be changes you have to make immediately to ensure you and your baby are healthy and have a positive experience. If you don’t have a healthcare provider, find one and reach out ASAP, there is help available!

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