The Best Shoes For Pregnancy

The Best Shoes For Pregnancy

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With all of the natural aches and pains accompanying pregnancy, it's essential to have a really good pair of shoes! Pregnant women often complain about back and foot pain. Honestly, sometimes if our feet hurt, it affects our back. Let's take a look at some of the best shoes from pregnant moms!

What To Look For In Shoes

Good shoes can make all the difference whether you're pregnant or not. When looking for shoes to wear during your pregnancy, here are a few things to consider:

  • Comfortable Fit
  • Breathable Material
  • Soft, Flexible Soles
  • Good Arch Support (especially in the later months of pregnancy)
  • Low Heels
  • Skid-free or Slip-resistant
  • Choose a Bigger Size ( half or a full-size up will help if your feet are swelling)

The list we're about to share will have a pair of shoes chosen for purpose!

TOMS Alparagata

Many people, pregnant or not, wear TOMS. This lightweight shoe is comfortable and runs true to your foot size. The flexible fabric and removable insoles leave room for comfort, as well as adding padding. These shoes are made of canvas which is perfect for swollen feet!

Skechers GOWalk

Having a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes is excellent during pregnancy because you don't have to mess with bending over or sitting down. These shoes are flexible, breathable, and lightweight. The GO Walk shoe line features incredibly beneficial arch support. 

Vionic Walker

These sneakers are excellent for the support! It is a solid and supportive shoe that provides balance and stability. The midsole of these sneakers absorbs any shock, which results in a reduction of stress. A podiatrist is responsible for designing the Vionic Walker shoe with an orthotic insole and a flexible outsole. You can find these shoes in regular fit and wide width.

UGG Classic Mini Bootie

Winter and summer can be rough for pregnant women. The UGG Classic brings the comfort of a slipper with a splash of style. They are soft, warm, weatherproof, and water-resistant! No shoelaces or clasps will be found as they sport a sip-up closure for easy on and off access. These boots are perfect for the winter months.

Dr. Scholl's Originalist Sandals

Sandals provide some excellent comfort for expecting mothers during the summer. These open yet stylish sandals are breathable and flexible. The adjustable strap is perfect for those times when your feet need a little extra room.

Vionic Minna Ballet Flat

If you're pregnant and working, these might be the shoes for you! They're cute and comfortable slip-ones that come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The textile lining will help your feet stay cool and dry!

The truth is, your body is likely to endure so many changes throughout your entire pregnancy, including your feet. Being comfortable can be difficult during pregnancy with nausea, back pain, and sometimes sleepless night. It's essential to try and be as comfortable as possible to avoid any unnecessary extra stress during this crucial time! Enjoy your pregnancy, stay comfortable, and good luck!

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