The Birds, The Bees, Orgasms & Pregnancy

The Birds, The Bees, Orgasms & Pregnancy

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Obviously, you and your partner already know all about the birds and the bees if you’re pregnant. However, now that you’re pregnant, sex might not seem as straightforward as it once was. 

No worries, it’s normal to feel uneasy about having sex while you’re pregnant. It’s also understandable to have a lot of questions about it, too. Is it safe to have sex while I’m pregnant? Will it be uncomfortable? Is it going to be enjoyable?

There are guidelines about sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Believe it or not, there are some incredible benefits too!

Is having sex safe while pregnant?

Yes! It’s safe to have sex while you’re pregnant. However, it’s best to ask your doctor or OBGYN to ensure there are no potential risks for complications. If you’ve ever had a miscarriage or might be at high risk for one, it’s imperative to talk to your doctor before having sex. They might suggest that you avoid sex during the first few months of pregnancy.

While the amniotic fluid protects your baby from infectious organisms, STIs and STDs are still a significant health risk. Chlamydia, HIV, and gonorrhea are all dangerous for babies. If you think you’re at risk, go get tested. Use protection, stay clean, and keep any sex toys clean and sanitized too.

What about sex positions?

For the most part, you’re free to be in any position that’s comfortable, unless something’s been specified by your doctor. For instance, if you’re restricted from bending over. One thing that shouldn’t be done is not to engage in oral sex, where a partner might blow air into the vagina. This can cause a life-threatening air embolism for both you and the baby. If it’s uncomfortable, don’t do it! If it hurts, don’t do it! Talk to your practitioner or OBGYN about any concerns.

What would make sex unsafe during pregnancy?

Depending on personal situations, you may be restricted from having sex while you’re pregnant. While some cases are only limited for a certain amount of time, others require abstinence for the entire nine months; if it’s a high-risk pregnancy.

Common Reasons You Might Be Advised To Abstain From Sex

  1. Symptoms or a history of preterm labor or premature births
  2. Unexplained vaginal bleeding - discharge - or cramping
  3. Carrying twins, triplets, etc.
  4. A diagnosis of an incompetent cervix or placenta previa
  5. Amniotic fluid’s leaking

*Abstain from sex if your water’s broken or if you’re having contractions*

Talk to your doctor to find out what is safe to do sexually and when. They can provide you with all the information you need. You and your partner may have to avoid sex. Still, there’s the possibility that you can engage in other pleasurable activities such as oral sex or mutual masturbation, minus the stress or concern!

Can sex hurt the baby?

As long as your OBGYN has given you the green light, you’re good to go. If you’ve been told to avoid sex, then there is a possibility that any sexual intercourse could cause harm to the baby. Also, to eliminate any concerns, being penetrated does not risk touching the baby; your baby is much higher up in an entirely different location.

Will having sex while pregnant cause premature labor?

Unless your OBGYN tells you that you’re at high-risk for premature labor or that you have issues with the placenta, then you’re good to go. An orgasm can cause contractions in your uterus, but it won’t trigger labor to start. However, if you’re past-term or full-term, it’s encouraged to have sex as a way to get the delivery jump-started.

Is it normal to bleed after sex while pregnant?

A lot is going on down there during pregnancy, from the sensitive cervix to an overall increase in blood flow of the genital area. It’s very possible to experience some spotting after intercourse. It shouldn’t be a cause of concern, but it’s always good to let your doctor know for peace of mind.

Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

Mmmmmm, there are some awesomely sweet perks to having sex during pregnancy. Ladies, don’t be surprised if your time in bed is even better while you’re pregnant.

  • Partner Bonding Experience: Pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster for you and your partner. Intimacy is an excellent way to remain connected during this time.
  • It’s Good For Your Health: A 30-minute round with your partner can burn about 50 calories. Sex also lowers your blood pressure!
  • Can Ease Discomfort & Pain: Orgasms signal the release of oxytocin, the hormone that increases your pain tolerance. Meaning, orgasms can help with backaches and other pregnancy-related aches and pains.
  • Improves Sleep: Having sex during pregnancy can help you relax. Relaxing combined with oxytocin is a ticket to restful sleep.
  • Boosts Mood: The release of oxytocin that comes with an orgasm can increase our feelings of love, happiness, content, and comfort.

Your libido may increase, spiking your drive to have sex, thanks to the increased levels of estrogen. Your breasts will be more sensitive, as will your vulva, which can intensify all sensations and orgasms! Not all women experience an increase; some experience a lower sex drive, which is normal too. Sex during pregnancy can be bliss! If it’s not for you, that’s perfectly fine. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

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