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New Mommy Struggle Unlocked.

New Mommy Struggle Unlocked.

There will always be struggles with parenting and life in general. Knowing what they are and how to overcome them can ease some tension building up. We don’t always have the same experiences. Sometimes, the best way to learn more is to listen to other mothers who have struggled with one thing or another, see what works for them, and try to incorporate it into your life. 

It isn’t always easy, even though some moms out there naturally make things look so simple. Remember, just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is. Also, just because someone can bear a heavy load doesn’t mean it’s a breeze or unhealthy.

Time Flies - Don’t Waste It

One day you’re giving birth to your new beautiful baby, and the next thing you know, they’re heading in for their first day of kindergarten. Bringing little ones into the world is lovely, but there will be ups and downs. Minutes turn into hours, days into weeks, and weeks into months. That being said, your life will be consumed with your little one, and that’s precious. However, you’ll have to set aside time for yourself.

Take a bubble bath once in a while. Read a book while nursing. Have your partner, a friend, or a family member keep a watchful eye on the baby so you can go out for an hour or two. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take that time away, even if you’re only going to grab a cup of coffee or walk around the block. Trust us, it’s refreshing.

Meal Prep For The Win

As a new mom, having the time or desire to make home-cooked meals can be non-existent. Of course, there will be time to do things, but managing that time can be tricky. If you have a friend or family member that will come over and help you prepare meals today that can be frozen for another, you’ll be blessed. It makes eating healthy much easier than you might imagine. It’s easy to grab the packaged snacks because all you have to do is unwrap and enjoy. Preparing meals in advance can be incredible, especially if you have more than one child to care for. You’ll get fresh food, fast but it’s good for you and your body.

A Support System

Having a healthy support system can be highly beneficial for you and your new baby. Life can get overwhelming; you and your baby don’t need that kind of stress. If a loved one offers to do the dishes or laundry, don’t you dare say no. Let them help you with the things they can. After all, your body has spent the last 9 months growing a tiny human, then there is the birth, and now you’re going to be tired.

A support system past helping with chores is essential too. Maybe you want to go out with some friends but feel like you can’t because of the baby. The truth is, you can go do all sorts of things and bring the baby along with you. You don’t have to miss out on everything. If your friends don’t have kids, you might try and find some that do, or you can talk to your friends and see if you can all go do something kid-friendly.

Walking Away Is OK

If the laundry is overwhelming, walk away from it for now. It will still be there for you to handle tomorrow. The less stress in the household, the better. Of course, we’re not saying walk away from your baby. However, we ARE saying it’s ok to walk away from other things to be with your baby. Hey, sometimes you might need to step out of the room when things are stressful.

Suppose the little one is cranky and won’t take a nap, walk away from the scheduled nap time for the moment. We can’t force them to sleep. Instead, strap the baby in a stroller and take a nice walk outside if the weather is nice. Also, don’t forget to call for help when you need it!

Parenthood can be a challenge, and that’s normal. We all have struggles to face, but it’s smooth sailing once we get past the hump.

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