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Working Momma? We Got You!

Working Momma? We Got You!

Stay-at-home mommas and working mommas each have struggles they face regularly. As a working momma, you face challenges on two fronts. One is in the workplace, and the second is at home. Sometimes, it can be a real struggle trying to balance work and home life, especially when there are children involved. However, some negatives and positives come with it.  

Working Momma's At Home

  • A working momma has to rise and shine before everyone else to ensure the chores are done and the kids get off to school, daycare, or the babysitter.
  • We have to make sure that everything and everyone is ready for the day ahead. 
  • If the little ones feel ill, we have to make appointments, give medical instructions to the caregiver, or take time off work to be with their children.
  • We have to look after all daily needs to ensure our kids are being properly taken care of. As working moms, we have to listen to what's going on in our little ones' daily lives. At the same time, we have to help them deal with any issues they're facing and provide comfort and care.
  • If we're lucky enough, we have support from a partner or another loved one. Otherwise, we face all of these obstacles and challenges alone.

Working Mom's At The Workplace

  • The demands of society are high in regards to perfection at work and home. That in itself is a struggle.
  • Our colleagues or co-workers, and even the boss, might not ever care about the struggles we face at home. That being said, we're still expected to work just as hard, bringing desired results.
  • While we have to meet deadlines of assigned work, it seems taking care of our children might have to take a backseat.
  • Sometimes we have to work extra hours, coming in early or staying late. But when we need to leave ahead of schedule, we face taunting comments from the people we work with.
  • Having to swallow our pride and ask for time off for emergencies with our kids is a struggle. Some bosses aren't as understanding as others.

Whether they're positive or negative, the effects can have profound impacts on our lives. When kids realize the differences between their working mom and their friend's stay-at-home mom, it can make them feel jealous and sometimes frustrated.

It hurts a child when their parents are absent when they want or need us the most. Sometimes we miss their games or can't get off to make it to events they care about. Our absence is felt so profoundly, and we're only trying to take care of our family the best we can.

Our children have to wait for us to get home from work to share any exciting or upsetting news, which causes the enthusiasm to dwindle. While our kids get all the necessities and comfort money can buy, they yearn for our time and attention.

Don't even get us started on working mom guilt. We're more than happy to work to pay the bills and get things the kids might want. In the same breath, we are full of guilt because we know our children wish for our time and attention. We can't seem to win without losing.

Positive Impacts Of Working Mommas & Children

As our children grow, they understand the gains and struggles we working mommas deal with. That leads them to develop empathy. Often, our children are proud of us. It helps them want to be responsible human beings and independent and helpful.

Take time to plan your days to help with time management. Let your employer and fellow employees know that your children and work are both important. If the workplace isn't understanding, try to find one that is! You're a good mama, and we see you! You're doing the best you can, caught in between two very important worlds! Remember why you do what you do. When it gets rough, tell yourself every reason you go to work because it's all for the better!

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