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No More Excuses, Momma!

No More Excuses, Momma!

Raising kids is a full-time, non-stop responsibility. Day-to-day tasks with kids can leave us feeling like we’ve already been running a marathon.

Fitting in a workout as a parent can be a struggle. Even though we know, it will help us lose weight, improve the quality of sleep, and ease stress, finding the time to guilelessly fit exercise in can seem like more work than the workout itself.

While we may think we’ve got excellent excuses to push off working out, there are ways to get in a quickie regularly. In some instances, ingenuity is required; other times, its knowledge and know-how. That being said, we want to touch on some exercise excuses moms make and how to eliminate them, so you can reach your fitness goals.

I Really Don’t Have The Time

Any amount of time is better than no time at all. Regular exercise isn’t only good for weight loss, but it’s essential for our general health and well-being. Now that there is a little one(s), it’s even more crucial to stay healthy.

The trick is to change our mindset and choose to make regular exercise a priority by fitting them in whenever works best for you. That might look like waking up thirty minutes before the kiddos, taking the kids for a walk before nap time, or doing squats while folding laundry.

A common misconception is that we should exercise for 30 to 45 minutes in one workout session. However, it’s OK to set small goals like a 10-minute walk or two 20-minute workouts twice a day. In doing so, exercising becomes possible, and we feel accomplished. Every little count counts. 

I Don’t Have A Babysitter or Childcare

The truth is, we don’t have to go to a gym or YMCA to get exercise. We can exercise in our home or park. Take the little ones for a walk 2 or 3 times a day, even if they’re in a stroller. Some fitness centers and YMCAs offer affordable childcare.

I Can’t Afford It

Remember, there’s no NEED for a gym membership. We can exercise from anywhere without weights and special equipment. If you’d like the guidance of a personal trainer, there are hundreds of free workout videos on the internet. Look for pay-as-you-go gyms in your area. These gyms don’t require a monthly membership fee. You pay whenever you go to the gym. Momma, there are options.

I’m Too Tired To Exercise

Whether it’s a newborn baby or a toddler waking us up every night, we tend to feel tired 24/7. A woman’s body endures a lot during the pregnancy, and much more throughout the delivery and healing process. However, pushing ourselves into the habit of exercising will boost our energy levels.  The energy boost from exercise can last for hours.

Stretching is beneficial as well. A quick stretch followed by a brisk walk can elevate our mood and boost energy levels.

Feeling guilt or a lack of self-confidence can be expected after having a baby. Replace the guilty feeling of taking 30 minutes to yourself with a sense of body maintenance for the future. It’s a way to stay healthy, to be there with and for our children. 

Becoming a mother may mean our body has changed slightly, and that’s ok. Feeling as if our body will never go back to the way it was pre-pregnancy isn’t going to help in any way at all. While it may be true, it may equally be false. Exercise is essential for optimal health. Our kids need us in tip-top shape; we have noses to wipe, diapers to change, laundry to do, snuggles to have, and bedtime stories to read.

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