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Things People Don’t Tell Expecting Mothers About The Postpartum Body

Things People Don’t Tell Expecting Mothers About The Postpartum Body

We hear a lot about what a woman’s body experiences throughout their pregnancy, but it’s somewhat silent when it comes to our postpartum body. Of course, different women are bound to experience variances in the changes.

We want to talk about some changes you might or might not expect to experience with our new mom-body. Again, every pregnancy and recovery experience can vary, so this is a base of common experiences. Feel free to add others in the comment section.

Our Abs Might Never Be The Same

Some changes can’t entirely be undone. For instance, diastasis recti are common during pregnancy, and it separates the abdominal muscles. The result can be an appearance of what they call the “mummy tummy” or “pooch.” In more realistic lamens terms, a bit of flab.

While some techniques and exercises can benefit this postpartum body issue, it will never go completely back to normal. Learn to love your new look; your baby definitely does!

The Postpartum Bladder Can Have A Mind of Its Own

Pregnant women pee a lot; it’s normal. However, after pregnancy, many mommas learn about “stress incontinence,” otherwise known as peeing a little when we run, jumping jacks, laughing, sneezing, and coughing.

While some exercises and techniques can help strengthen the bladder and surrounding muscles, the slips will happen for a time.

Body Art & Modification Changes

The cute little butterfly tattoo or bellybutton piercing that once looked incredible and somewhat natural can change shape during pregnancy. In some cases, the stretching, expanding, and growing our body does can leave our tattoos seemingly stretched thin, and piercings seem to droop more than they should.

Tears Happen

It is very possible that women can tear during vaginal pregnancy. While vaginal tearing is common, there are situations where the tear is worse than others. Stitching the tear back up can result in painful or uncomfortable scar tissue and changes the shape of the vaginal entrance.

Menstrual Cycles Can Change

You may have known and understood your body's natural rhythms before pregnancy, but pregnancy and childbirth can change things. Some women experience terrible periods once they become mothers. There is heavy bleeding, clotting, cramping, and an entirely new level of PMS hormones to handle.

A woman’s body changes a lot; while some changes are obvious to the eye, other things happen far out of sight. Some mothers find it difficult to lose the last bit of pregnancy weight, while others struggle with maintaining it. 

Stretch marks will develop, the skin might sag where it never has, and your abdominal muscles may never peak as proudly as before. All we can do is, take the best care of our body as possible and remember that our body grew and nurtured a living being for nine months. When finally, our body experiences one of the most physically demanding, intense, and stressful times until our beautiful baby is welcomed into the world.

We shouldn’t expect to be any other kind of perfect than the perfection we already are.

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