Stretch Mark Protecting & Repairing Duo

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The ultimate skin protecting and repairing duo, a transformative skincare solution packed with powerful peptides. Formulated to shield your skin during pregnancy and rejuvenate it postpartum.

Belly Cream 5oz.

During Pregnancy: Enriched with nourishing elements, it safeguards and nourishes your skin, promoting collagen production and maintaining elasticity as your belly grows.

After Pregnancy: Skin-tightening and firming components to effectively repair damaged skin cells to improve the look of stretched skin, restoring its firmness and vitality.

 Belly Oil 4 oz.

During pregnancy - Boosts skin strength and hydration, guarding against stretch marks and scars.

Postpartum – Targets deeply damaged skin cells, helping gently fade stretch marks and scars, leaving your skin radiant and restored.